Posted by: silsbyroad | August 16, 2009

A Project Beginning — Observation

New product ideas are everywhere.  But too often we don’t use simple tools…like the power of observation to find those ideas.   Instead we sit among ourselves creating ideas that we have seen before. 

In creating this blog I thought it would be an innovative approach to showcase the Silsby Road process at work and how we develop, refine and launch products.  It is a great way to tell our story.

At Silsby Road all projects start with observing the end user, distribution channel and manufacturer.   At the end of the day the end user is the one who makes the decision on buying your product.   So understanding their needs and wants and if you are solving a problem they care about is critical to success.    The distribution channel many times is the gatekeeper to reaching the end user.    Again, it’s about understanding their needs and wants and providing an opportunity for them to be successful.  And finally for the manufacturer, analyzing the category upfront assists in identifying the right goals and objectives for the project.

With these three in mind, the first project we will start with is the bathroom…specifically the shower area.   I’m going to work on developing a list of questions and things to consider as we observe this category.   Check back weekly and see how the project is progressing.